4 Reasons Why Volunteers Rock

It is hard to imagine a world without any volunteers. You may find countless lists on how volunteer work can benefit the person volunteering by helping them advance their career and improve their health but today we wanted to focus on something else. In honour of National Volunteer Week 2015, we are highlighting a few of the many reasons why the work that volunteers do are outstanding and should never go unnoticed. In addition to the many benefits volunteering has for individuals, the community one volunteers their time to improves greatly.

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“A volunteer action is like a stone thrown in a lake: its effect has a direct impact. At the same time, like ripples, volunteer efforts reach out far and wide to improve communities. Undeniably, volunteers rock.” – Volunteer Canada

Here are some reasons why…

1. They are giving back.
Think about the resources you may be using in your community. Chances are those are made available to you because there are volunteers that devote some of their time making sure these things are provided. A volunteer could have been in your shoes at one time and needed the same resources or perhaps it is a community resource that has benefited people they care about. Whatever the case may be, they are giving back in some way. It’s about receiving and giving.

2. They are strengthening communities.
As a volunteer, support is provided to many different areas in a community and they affect every individual. For instance, when volunteering their time by tutoring or assisting at organizations such as daycares or elder cares, volunteers are supporting families and improving schools. Simple acts of cleaning up parks and other public areas help beautify the community as well. Volunteers use their voice by performing these actions that tell us what kind of community they want to live in.

3. They are bringing people together.
Teamwork is often built during volunteer activities. By meeting new faces in the community work, volunteers can also assist in uniting people from diverse backgrounds. Finding a common interest, volunteers get together to work towards a goal they all are passionate about and want to achieve. Whether you are one of the volunteers working together or just witnessing this act, it can also promote a positive and encouraging day for anyone.

4. They are making a difference.
Right now, take some time to think about a volunteer you know. Whether their work has assisted you, someone you know or an entire organization, think about how they have changed lives. No effort is ever too small and every person counts! Throughout their valuable work, volunteers gain confidence and knowledge that will go a long way for themselves and those around them. By learning about local resources available, volunteers can help solve needs for a community or even a single individual.

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Image Source: Volunteer Canada

Do you know a volunteer that deserves to be recognized and thanked? Let them know this week and every day!

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