7 Essential Interview Tips

When your resume is complete and sent to hiring employers the next step is hearing back if you made a great impression and they are interested to hear more from you in an interview. An interview is an employer’s opportunity to assess your suitability for the position you applied to. In order to succeed in a job interview, you must devote time to research and practice. After you apply for a specific position you should prepare yourself and follow these 7 essential interview tips so you are fully ready if and when you get a call.


Research the company you are applying for – Familiarize yourself with the organization by researching what the company does, their mission, vision and values, and their overall corporate culture. This information can be found on their company website.

Understand the role – Review the duties, as well as the qualifications of the role so you can tailor your answers to show how your past experience reflects what the company is looking for.

Practice, practice, practice – Practice answering common interview questions until they sound natural. Think of examples of past problems you have encountered and solved, or achievements you have accomplished.

Dress appropriately – Make sure that your appearance is neat and professional when attending your interview. If possible, research the company’s dress code to give you an idea of how to dress for the interview.

Arrive on time – Plan to arrive about 10 to 15 minutes early, taking into account possible traffic or delays that may occur. This shows the interviewer that you are respectful of their time.

Ask questions – When an interviewer gives you the opportunity to ask questions, take it! This is your chance to show your interest, and gain a better understanding of the role and organization.

Relax and let your personality shine – Remember, an interview is just a conversation about yourself between you and the interviewer. Let the interviewer see just how great you are!

Last week we went on our Twitter to ask the community the following question:

The best reminder to give you comes from a response we received from Tyler Steeves. “Be yourself. Don’t try to be something or someone you think they want. You’re being interviewed for a reason.”

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