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Jane Fiedorek Receives Provincial AODA 10th Anniversary Champion Award

December 3rd, 2015

Employment Coordinator and former business manager Jane Fiedorek has been acknowledged for her leadership and taking action to help people with disabilities.  She has received the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) 10th Anniversary Champion Award, following a nomination process.

The award, presented by the Province of Ontario and the Association of Municipal Clerks & Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO), celebrates the 10th anniversary of the AODA and the leadership of accessibility champions across the province. The AODA 10th Anniversary Champion Award was presented by Mayor Ken Hewitt at the November 23rd meeting of Haldimand County Council.

Top 5 Reasons YOU Should Volunteer at PATH Employment Services

PATH Employment Services is a charitable not-for-profit agency located in the heart of downtown Hamilton. PATH has been advocating for and assisting persons with disabilities find meaningful employment since 1972.  PATH also has a renowned community volunteer program. Here are the top five reasons why YOU should apply to volunteer at PATH:

1. PATH has one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences in Hamilton

volunteerVolunteering at PATH is an unmatched rewarding experience. PATH helps some of the most vulnerable and often overlooked members of the Hamilton community try to find meaningful employment. What this means for volunteers is that there is a unique chance to have a genuine positive impact on people’s lives and help them through a tough situation. Time volunteering at PATH will be impactful, challenging and above all rewarding. Whether you have an interest in social work or a passion for improving the lives of others, volunteering at PATH is a chance to help shape a progressive and inclusive Hamilton community.

I Have A Disability

When you read the title of this blog post, what was your first thought? I’m willing to guess you either thought I use a wheelchair or have some form of autism. The answer is… It’s neither.

So what’s my disability? I am red-green colour deficient.

What does that mean? It means that I have trouble discerning red and green hues. Not colour-blind, I just mix up my blues, purples, greens and browns.

accessibility blog word cloudI know, with an opening line like the one I led with you were expecting some severe limitations that I have triumphantly overcome like one of those stories the internet loves so much. But that’s not the purpose of this. The purpose of this is to recognize that yourself or many people that you know face some form of barrier.

Changing Accessibility: The Eone Bradley Timepiece

At PATH Employment, we help a lot of clients with a wide range of abilities find and keep meaningful employment. To best help our clients, we are always looking for new tools that we can use to help employees in the workplace. The team here at PATH has researched mobility devices, accessible computer software and most recently, something we are very excited about, a professional accessible timepiece, the Bradley by Eone.

wPtPrs1440620632Now we say timepiece for a specific reason. It is not a conventional watch. The timepiece is designed to look both workplace professional and make it easier for people who may be visually impaired to be able to tell the time through the use of two tactile ball-bearings.

Top 10 Best Disability Focused Sites to Follow

When it comes to working with, advocating for or learning about disabilities there is both too much and too little information. For all the information that is available at your fingertips, the mass amounts of websites can be overwhelming. What is even harder than diving into site after site?  The answer is figuring out who to connect to and who will have the right information for your needs. For this reason, PATH has put together the best sites to follow about disability.

fGoA8U1438785822Top Picks for Working with a Disability:

PATH Employment

    First and foremost, PATH is a specialized employment service that focuses on helping people who face barriers find and keep jobs. What this means for you is that if you are looking for work, trained employment coordinators will sit down with you and find out exactly what your abilities and interests are. From there, employment coordinators connect you to employers that are inclusive, accommodating and most importantly, fit your interests.

Preparing Your Online Profile for a Job Hunt

Just as most of job applications are now done entirely online, a lot of employee screening is also done online. According to a survey by Workopolis, 93% of employers say that they will search for a potential employee’s social media profile during the interview process.
LearnWhat this means for job seekers is that if you haven’t already, it is time to clean up your social media. That does not mean close all of your accounts; it is 2015 and employers know that social media exists. What it means is that any inappropriate pictures, tweets or posts that would likely get your application should be taken offline.

How to Professionally Apply to a Job by Email

Referencing a job posting is important when you’re writing your cover letter and resume and it is also important for following the instructions on how to apply to a position. Employers usually have various ways on how to send in your application whether it is in person, by fax or mail or even by email. Not following the instructions on how to apply could result in your application being ignored. It is also vital to make sure when you’re applying by a certain medium that you are doing so correctly. 158111648-keyboard-send-resume-1600x1200Here are just a few items to double check before you hit “send” when you’re applying to a job by email.

National Access Awareness Week 2015

May 31-June 6, 2015 is National Access Awareness Week. This week began to raise awareness about disability, accessibility and inclusion. This year, this week also marks the 10th anniversary of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

NAAWOntario became the first jurisdiction in Canada to legislate a framework and timeline for making Ontario accessible. The goal of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) is to make Ontario fully accessible by 2025.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

May 21 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The day was started primarily to inspire awareness for Web Accessibility but it is quickly growing into a much larger movement. To participate in the event, PATH Employment Services is publishing this blog post speaking to the organization’s commitment to accessibility. While PATH is an employment service and not web developers or designers, the organization wholeheartedly believes in the purpose of GAAD and is brainstorming ways to fully participate in bringing awareness to web accessibility.
The rate of employment for Canadians without a disability between the ages of 25 and 64 is 79%. In stark contrast, for Canadians with disabilities, the employment rate is 49%. For people who identify as having a severe disability, this number plummets further to an employment rate of 26%. Improving accessibility to the web could help alleviate some of the barriers that are imposed on people with disabilities who want to be able to contribute through work.

How to Maintain a Positive Job Search Attitude

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

There are many tips out there to help individuals during their job search, however, one of the best things you can do during that time is to simply stay positive. We realize that job search can be tough at times and after endless resume sending and networking with little to no response, it is easy to become discouraged. While you may find it difficult to achieve at times, know that a positive attitude affects every other aspect of your job search. It will impact how you are perceived by potential employers as they want people who believe in themselves and their skills, who want to work, who want to work for them.

positive-thinking-bA positive attitude will speak just as strongly as your education, skills or experience. Maintaining a positive job search attitude is achievable with a few of the techniques we highlight below.

4 Reasons Why Volunteers Rock

It is hard to imagine a world without any volunteers. You may find countless lists on how volunteer work can benefit the person volunteering by helping them advance their career and improve their health but today we wanted to focus on something else. In honour of National Volunteer Week 2015, we are highlighting a few of the many reasons why the work that volunteers do are outstanding and should never go unnoticed. In addition to the many benefits volunteering has for individuals, the community one volunteers their time to improves greatly.

Volunteer Blog2

“A volunteer action is like a stone thrown in a lake: its effect has a direct impact. At the same time, like ripples, volunteer efforts reach out far and wide to improve communities. Undeniably, volunteers rock.” – Volunteer Canada

Hiring Individuals with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

Earlier this month we took a look at clients looking for a job when they have high-functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome. Today we touch base on the employer side of things and explain benefits of hiring individuals with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, how to accommodate them and much more. Also, we provide some links at the end to assist you with getting more information if needed.

AAMwordcloud3As explained in the previous post, high-functioning autism (HFA) and Asperger’s syndrome are at the least severe end of the autism spectrum, and can be characterized by difficulties in communication and interaction with others. Please refer to our last post to learn more about high-functioning autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Looking for a Job When You Have High-Functioning Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome

What is High-Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome?

High-functioning autism (HFA) and Asperger’s syndrome are at the least severe end of the autism spectrum, and can be characterized by difficulties in communication and interaction with others. People with high-functioning autism and Asperger’s syndrome have difficulties with understanding abstract uses of language, like humor for example, obsessive interest in specific items or information, and a general lack of skill with interacting with other people. People who have HFA or Asperger’s syndrome usually have average or above-average intelligence, though they lack typical social skills.

Sometimes, individuals experiencing high-functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome may have difficulty finding employment, often because of barriers in the workforce. Having HFA or Asperger’s syndrome does not mean that you are incapable or unable to obtain and retain meaningful employment.

Hiring Individuals with an Anxiety Disorder

Last month we took a look at clients looking for a job when they have an anxiety disorder. This month we wanted to touch base on the employer side of things as it is just as important. You’ll learn the benefits of hiring individuals with an anxiety disorder, how to accommodate them, and we provide some links at the end to assist you with getting more information if needed.

As explained in the previous post, an anxiety disorder is a general term that encompasses five specific anxiety disorders; social anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and phobias. Individuals with anxiety disorders are able to work as effectively as someone without a visual impairment. Please refer to our last post to learn more about anxiety disorders.

Looking for a Job When You Have an Anxiety Disorder

What is an Anxiety Disorder?

An anxiety disorder is a general term that encompasses five specific anxiety disorders; social anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and phobias. It can be treated with medication, various types of therapy, or a combination of these; CBT is the most common form of therapy treatment for someone with an anxiety disorder.

Everyone’s anxiety disorder is different, and each person will experience anxiety in a different way; people can experience very debilitating to very mild anxiety in their daily life. Sometimes, individuals experiencing anxiety may have difficulty finding employment, often because of barriers in the workforce. Having an anxiety disorder does not mean that you are incapable or unable to obtain and retain meaningful employment, and someone with an anxiety disorder is no different than any other employee.

What You Should Do to Take Advantage of Networking Events

Did you know that most open job positions are not advertised? To find a job in the hidden job market one should know the skill of networking. Networking is one of the most successful ways to find a job and even though it can sound intimidating it is easier than you may think. Networking is the process of connecting with the people you know and asking them for advice, information and referrals to other people. You can network anywhere and any time—in person, on the phone or online.Networking-BlogOne of the most common ways to network is at events. Treat networking events as if you were going to a job interview. In addition to dressing to impress, be sure to prepare for them in advance so you can take full advantage of the opportunity. We have outlined some tips below that you can follow to get ready and take initiative during the event.

Volunteer Opportunties in Hamilton, Ontario

A new year is right around the corner and with a new year comes resolutions. If your New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is to volunteer more then we have you covered. Volunteering takes you right into the workplace, giving you a chance to build your experience and demonstrate your employability. Most employers want workers who have work experience in their field. Sometimes this may seem difficult for someone who is right out of school. However, volunteer work can prove to an employer that you have the experience that they want and need.

Volunteer Blog

In addition to gaining work experience for employers, volunteering gives yourself something as well.

7 Essential Interview Tips

When your resume is complete and sent to hiring employers the next step is hearing back if you made a great impression and they are interested to hear more from you in an interview. An interview is an employer’s opportunity to assess your suitability for the position you applied to. In order to succeed in a job interview, you must devote time to research and practice. After you apply for a specific position you should prepare yourself and follow these 7 essential interview tips so you are fully ready if and when you get a call.


Research the company you are applying for – Familiarize yourself with the organization by researching what the company does, their mission, vision and values, and their overall corporate culture. This information can be found on their company website.

Buzzwords to Include and Avoid on Resumes

Buzzworda word or phrase, often sounding authoritative or technical, that is a vogue term in a particular profession, field of study, popular culture, etc. (Source:

Gaining Hiring Managers’ attention with your resume is vital as it is the first impression you give them and will hopefully result in an interview. In our previous blog post, we discussed tips on how to make your resume stand out from the crowd because it is crucial to know how to make your resume catch someone’s eye.

9 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

In today’s job market, employers can receive multiple applications for one job posting. This can make it difficult if there is only one position available. Having a well written and eye catching resume is vital to securing yourself an interview. When you are writing your resume think about how this document is the first impression you will make on employers looking to hire. You need to do everything you can to make sure that it stands out from that pile of other applicants’ resumes. Here are some great tips that you can keep in mind when trying to market yourself on paper. PATHBlogphoto

1. Use a simple font – Using fancy fonts may grab the Hiring Manager’s attention, but not in a good way! Use a sans serif font that is easy to read such as Ariel, Veranda, or Calibri. Also, make sure the font is not too large or small.

Welcome to PATH Employment Services’ New Blog


PATH Employment Services is an award winning non-profit organization located in Hamilton, Ontario that has over 40 years of experience helping individuals with all types of disabilities find jobs. Focusing on abilities, we originated as the first community agency in Canada solely dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities in finding employment.

Offering many services to our members, we focus on the goal of getting meaningful and sustainable work for each individual that connects with us. If you are seeking employment, our Employment Coordinators are available to provide one-on-one employment assistance. A PATH Employment Coordinator works with our members to explore their work goals, identify possible barriers to employment, provide job search techniques and follow up after work has been found to ensure that the job is retained. We also host monthly employment workshops that are a great way to participate in-group sessions and enhance your skills and knowledge base. An Employment Coordinator can refer you to sessions that would benefit you the most.