Changing Accessibility: The Eone Bradley Timepiece

At PATH Employment, we help a lot of clients with a wide range of abilities find and keep meaningful employment. To best help our clients, we are always looking for new tools that we can use to help employees in the workplace. The team here at PATH has researched mobility devices, accessible computer software and most recently, something we are very excited about, a professional accessible timepiece, the Bradley by Eone.

wPtPrs1440620632Now we say timepiece for a specific reason. It is not a conventional watch. The timepiece is designed to look both workplace professional and make it easier for people who may be visually impaired to be able to tell the time through the use of two tactile ball-bearings.

What made this timepiece catch our attention at PATH is the different approach the company took to redesigning accessibility. The current standard for watches for the visually impaired are Talking Watches. The wearer presses a button and a voice tells the time. Now this is great for those who are able to use it. However, in the modern office, where watches are still a standard outfit accessory, the loud talking can be disruptive. The Bradley allows the wearer to discretely ‘feel’ the time by touching the ball-bearings that rotate around to show time.

At PATH we want to both connect with other disability advocates but also give our clients meaningful advice about accessibility tools. We want to inform our clients on the best tools to suit their needs and in doing so, it requires us to have firsthand experience. So that is what we did. We reached out to Eone and asked to test out the timepiece for ourselves.

We have had our hands on the Bradley for a little over a month and the Bradley truly reflects the values that PATH looks for in modern accessible technology.  It is designed with the spirit to help others, it looks great, and most of all, the timepiece can bring a lot of value to those who are visually impaired.

What really stood out to the team here at PATH was that although this timepiece was designed with higher needs in mind, by designing to be accessible, the timepiece can benefit everyone.  Those of us who are not visually impaired had a great experience with the timepiece. The ability to subtly check the time without looking rude by glancing at a watch or a phone is a huge benefit for busy meetings.


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What the Eone Bradley really shows is that by planning for those who have the highest needs, it really does help everyone. In the same way that tools like screen-readers, talk to text and physical changes like handrails or easy open doors started with accessibility in mind, by planning that way, it makes life better for everyone.

Another huge point that can’t be overlooked is how much of a conversation starter the timepiece has been at both work and in our personal lives. It is so unique looking that people can’t help but ask about it. This starts a conversation about ways to make the world more accessible, a topic everyone here at PATH is passionate to talk about.

It is amazing to see the level of passion for accessibility coming out of Eone. Here at PATH, we are proud of all that Eone has accomplished in designing a unique timepiece that includes everyone. We look forward to seeing what this great company has in store next.

For more information about the Bradley by Eone, please check out the video below or visit

If you have any ideas for other cool accessible tools that you think the team at PATH should check out, please feel free to let us know in the comments.

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