How to Maintain a Positive Job Search Attitude

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

There are many tips out there to help individuals during their job search, however, one of the best things you can do during that time is to simply stay positive. We realize that job search can be tough at times and after endless resume sending and networking with little to no response, it is easy to become discouraged. While you may find it difficult to achieve at times, know that a positive attitude affects every other aspect of your job search. It will impact how you are perceived by potential employers as they want people who believe in themselves and their skills, who want to work, who want to work for them.

positive-thinking-bA positive attitude will speak just as strongly as your education, skills or experience. Maintaining a positive job search attitude is achievable with a few of the techniques we highlight below.

1. Believe in Yourself and Your Abilities. What you believe in yourself is the foundation to your future actions. If you feel good about yourself, have confidence and a positive outlook on your abilities you’re more likely to be happy and successful. How do you expect to sell yourself to an employer if you do not believe in what you’re selling?

2. Focus on the Now. The past isn’t something to dwell on. It should be something you look at as an opportunity to learn from it and then let it go. While you don’t want to live in the past, you also don’t want to live in the future. The present is where you are and that should be your main focus or you can cause unwanted stress and worry during your job search.

3. Start Your Day on the Right Foot. They say the way you begin your morning can affect your entire day. Do something that will put you in a great mood. When you wake up, make sure you put yourself in the right mindset by saying a few positive things. “Today will be a great day!” or be more specific such as “Today I will make a great connection to a possible job!”

4. Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy. While treating your job search as a full time job is vital, staying active and healthy is just as important. Your physical health will affect your mental health. Make sure to give yourself breaks regularly and reward yourself, too. Use that time to do something your body will thank you for. Go for a walk, eat a well balanced meal, and don’t forget about your mind. Flatter yourself and remind yourself that what you are doing today is going to create a great tomorrow. Boosting your spirits is highly encouraged.

5. Stay Up to Date and Keep Growing in Your Field. There is always more to learn. To keep on top of your skills, knowledge and trends in your industry allow yourself to continue developing. There a numerous ways to do so as well. Join a professional group to develop your network and connect with those who have similar interests. Attend conferences, workshops or seminars or volunteer with an organization that will benefit your job skills. All these will make you feel positive about your qualifications, especially if you are not immediately successful in finding work.

6. Handle Rejections the Right Way. Good news is that you’re not the first person to not get a job you applied to or interviewed for. Don’t let failed applications bring you down. Each experience builds your character and can teach you something new. Reflect on any feedback given to you and move on to new things.

7. Avoid Procrastinating. Don’t let yourself have your to-do list keep building up. Procrastinating will only make you feel like you have too much to do in so little time and it is also not the best character trait to have when looking for a job. Write a schedule for yourself that you can stick to and keep you focused. Putting in a little work towards your search each day will make you feel good.

Positive Attitude_100109aRemember to always believe you can and you will. People who have already decided they do not have a chance, are not likely to succeed. How will you be staying positive today? Do you have additional tips to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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