How to Professionally Apply to a Job by Email

Referencing a job posting is important when you’re writing your cover letter and resume and it is also important for following the instructions on how to apply to a position. Employers usually have various ways on how to send in your application whether it is in person, by fax or mail or even by email. Not following the instructions on how to apply could result in your application being ignored. It is also vital to make sure when you’re applying by a certain medium that you are doing so correctly. 158111648-keyboard-send-resume-1600x1200Here are just a few items to double check before you hit “send” when you’re applying to a job by email.

1. Your Email Address – Making a good first impression starts with the email address you are sending your application from. If you do not have a professional, appropriate email address, now may be a good time to create one that you can use for job searching purposes. A simple, yet good looking email address is by using your first and last name. For example:

2. Attaching Your Files – Similar to your email address, naming your files that you are sending such as your resume, cover letter and portfolio appropriately will be a great help. While it is important to have several versions of your resume to send out to specific jobs, you do not want to be attaching files to an email that is called something along the lines of “Admin for Job 1”. Again, using your last name and first here will be helpful for you and the employer so they can also organize all the applications they receive. You also want to be sure that the file you are sending can be accessible to the employer. Send applications in as a Word document (.doc) or PDF. For example: Smith, John Resume.doc

3. Email Subject and Body – Never leave the body of the email empty when you’re submitting your application to an employer. Always think of it as a “mini cover letter” since it’s the first thing the employer will read and it should interest them to want to learn more about you with your resume. Keep the message in your email clear and concise. The same rule applies to the subject of your email as well. Sometimes employers state in their job postings an email subject or, more specifically, a job reference number that they want included in the subject when emailing your application. Be sure to follow if that is listed. If not, simply input the job position title in the subject line. See below for an email example you can follow.

Subject:  Cymbal Tester Position

Dear Hiring Manager,

Please see the attached document for a copy of my resume and cover letter, for the advertized Cymbal Tester position

I have more than 2 years experience in the industry and feel I would be a great fit for the position.

I look forward to speaking with you regarding my application.


Clank Bashington
2 Mallet Street,
Fakeville, ON

After you have double checked everything in your email job application, including typos, fonts, and grammar, you can now confidently hit that send button!

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