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Workshops are a great way to participate in group sessions and enhance your skills and knowledge base. Workshops range from 2 hours to two days in length.

Workshop Title


Recharge Your Resume and Create A Cover Letter with Spark

Learn how to target your resume and make your resume stand out to an employer. Get more interviews and recharge your job search Learn how to create persuasive but easy cover letters using our Cover Letter Formula

The Conversation

AKA – Interviewing

What do you need to know in today’s job market to prepare you for the most important Conversations? Here’s a chance for you to join in on the conversation and to learn ways to leave an interview saying you gave them the best conversation you were capable of during the interview. This session offers tips, techniques, tried and true methods for interview success and understanding.

Job Search & Networking

Whether you are preparing to search, have just started or have been looking for a while- this workshop will refresh, re-engage and re-energize your job search. You will learn the essentials to job search including the most effective websites, organizing your search, the keys to increasing your chances of being hired and practical ways to use your network.

Applying Online

This workshop will go through a series of online applications with individuals in a lab environment. Participants will need to have access to their resume electronically so that they can complete the applications. Apply up to 3 different companies. Receive assistance uploading resumes, fill out the application and learn how to complete the additional questionnaire if required.  *Basic computer and internet knowledge is required

Your Best Customer Service

This workshop is ideal for anyone interested in increasing their customer service skills. Discuss your best customer service experiences. Learn tips and strategies to build your customer service skill base. Earn a customer service certificate to add to your job search portfolio

Know Your Rights at Work

This workshop will provide and explain practical information from the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Employment Standards Act and WHMIS awareness that will help you feel more prepared when starting a new job. Are you entitled to a lunch break after a 4hr shift? Should you get paid overtime for working more than 40hrs a week? Do employers have to provide you with safety shoes if they are required? This workshop will help answer those questions.

Suit Yourself: Find Your Career Fit

This workshop is designed to build yourself awareness on what your skills, interests, and values are; 3 topics that we sometimes forget to consider, and are crucial when exploring what careers are a best fit for YOU. We use fun interactive assessments to open your mind and assess yourself. At the end of this workshop, you will have a better understanding of your employment needs and the tools to assist you on your way

Career Cruising:

A Life Changing Tool

Career Cruising is a fun online career assessment that assesses your skills and interests, and then provides you with suggestions on what careers you may be interested in researching further. Once you have completed the assessment, we will use this website to research the job description, earnings, requirements such as education, career path, working conditions and event related careers you never thought about! You will also be provided with helpful links to check out the labour market trends in your community for that career.

Smart Serve

Individuals interested in working in the food and drink industry including hosts, servers, bartenders and even kitchen staff are required to have this certification in most bars and restaurants. The workshop goes over the knowledge and skill application individuals need to have to ensure they are following the rules and are able to identify when a problem may arise.

Till Skills

This program offers hands on experience learning the standard Cash Register .You will learn how to sign in, void and apply discounts and coupons plus more in 3 sessions. Learn Proper, effective customer service skills and simple effective ways to increase business safely and professionally

Hot Jobs Cafe

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, where most jobs and business opportunities go unadvertised, the best method for finding the job is to network. The Network Café offers social atmosphere to job search experiences. Receive job search assistance, access to a computer lab and apply to opportunities.

Disability Disclosure

You will learn… You will learn how and when to approach an employer should you or should you not disclose?  Learn about hidden discrimination.

Knocking Down the Walls: Understanding Barriers that Impact Employment Success

This workshop is designed to help participants identify obstacles that may keep them from obtaining the job they want or from advancing in their career. This session will focus on: understanding reasons for unemployment, identifying personal barriers to employment success and assist in creating an action plan for addressing barriers to improve employability.

Older & Wiser

In an increasing competitive marketplace, learn how to talk to employers about your skills, experience and the benefits of hiring mature workers. In this workshop you will learn how to : identify potential age – bias, use specific job search strategies to engage & excite employers and use your work age to your advantage

Pardon Process

A CRIMINAL RECORD CAN FOLLOW YOU FOR LIFE. A Pardon/Record Suspension Removes Your Record. Attend our workshop to find out about the new policies and procedures in obtaining a Pardon. The fees involved and how anyone can achieve this easy process. Presented by our Guest Speaker: Peter Bailey

Let’s Talk Disability

The Let’s Talk Disability Session is a series of workshop topics scheduled to support Disability discussion around support and resources.

Taking Care of You

This workshop builds, reinforces and develops your self-esteem & personal confidence to effectively help you find work, get work and keep working. You will partake in a lively, candid, informational and interactive session that shows & tells the truth about self-esteem health, how it’s lost and how to acquire more.  Put yourself “1st and foremost”

“It’s All About Time”

This workshop focuses on Planning and Prioritizing tasks that will promote attaining goals & feeling proud of your accomplishments. Learn about time thieves and time savers by investing 2hrs in order to take charge of 24!

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Have you ever wondered – are my future employers checking my profile on Facebook? What should I wear to drop off my resume to a prospective employer? Do I really need to change my voicemail during the job search? This workshop will give you tips and tricks that can help land you that job quicker and help avoid pitfalls.

Take Control Of Your Finances

This session focuses on taking control of your finances. Rule your money so your money does not rule you. Receive expert advice on how to take control of your finances. Learn useful tools to relieve financial stress during unemployment or underemployment.

For details on which workshops we are offering this month please see our current workshops calendar.