Top 5 Reasons YOU Should Volunteer at PATH Employment Services

PATH Employment Services is a charitable not-for-profit agency located in the heart of downtown Hamilton. PATH has been advocating for and assisting persons with disabilities find meaningful employment since 1972.  PATH also has a renowned community volunteer program. Here are the top five reasons why YOU should apply to volunteer at PATH:

1. PATH has one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences in Hamilton

volunteerVolunteering at PATH is an unmatched rewarding experience. PATH helps some of the most vulnerable and often overlooked members of the Hamilton community try to find meaningful employment. What this means for volunteers is that there is a unique chance to have a genuine positive impact on people’s lives and help them through a tough situation. Time volunteering at PATH will be impactful, challenging and above all rewarding. Whether you have an interest in social work or a passion for improving the lives of others, volunteering at PATH is a chance to help shape a progressive and inclusive Hamilton community.

Volunteer Opportunties in Hamilton, Ontario

A new year is right around the corner and with a new year comes resolutions. If your New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is to volunteer more then we have you covered. Volunteering takes you right into the workplace, giving you a chance to build your experience and demonstrate your employability. Most employers want workers who have work experience in their field. Sometimes this may seem difficult for someone who is right out of school. However, volunteer work can prove to an employer that you have the experience that they want and need.

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In addition to gaining work experience for employers, volunteering gives yourself something as well.