Top 5 Reasons YOU Should Volunteer at PATH Employment Services

PATH Employment Services is a charitable not-for-profit agency located in the heart of downtown Hamilton. PATH has been advocating for and assisting persons with disabilities find meaningful employment since 1972.  PATH also has a renowned community volunteer program. Here are the top five reasons why YOU should apply to volunteer at PATH:

1. PATH has one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences in Hamilton

volunteerVolunteering at PATH is an unmatched rewarding experience. PATH helps some of the most vulnerable and often overlooked members of the Hamilton community try to find meaningful employment. What this means for volunteers is that there is a unique chance to have a genuine positive impact on people’s lives and help them through a tough situation. Time volunteering at PATH will be impactful, challenging and above all rewarding. Whether you have an interest in social work or a passion for improving the lives of others, volunteering at PATH is a chance to help shape a progressive and inclusive Hamilton community.

2. PATH has valuable connections to many different community partners

volunteer2PATH is a well-connected service provider. PATH partners on various projects with many other social service organizations in Ontario; this creates a great opportunity for volunteers to network and build lifelong connections.  As a recognized name in the community, the skills developed at PATH provide a strong foundation to build a successful career in more than just social services. PATH volunteers have gone on to work as Employment Coordinators, YMCA; Personal Support Workers, Gold Cross Home Care; Victim Service Providers, Hamilton Police Services; Human Resources, Walmart; Recruiters, Ranstad Canada; and Community Development Specialists, North Hamilton Community Health Centre.

3. PATH has a developed, team-focused volunteer program

volunteer3It is difficult to find volunteer experience that develops work-related skill sets. At PATH however, the volunteer experience is designed to do exactly that. Over years of working with both student placements and volunteers, PATH has a developed system of continuous communication and positive skill building to benefit both volunteers and the organization equally. Volunteers are not placed in menial roles but often work hand in hand with staff to serve clients. From social work to human resources, volunteers at PATH have an opportunity to gain invaluable real world experience that will translate to future careers.

4. Volunteering at PATH looks good on a resume

volunteer4Beyond the face value of volunteering for a reputable and recognized charitable organization, volunteers who have experience working with people with disabilities at PATH have a unique skill when looking for employment. If the organization that you’re applying to interacts with one of the 3.8 million Canadians who reported having a disability, your experience of PATH’s sensitivity to best practices and respectful language will set you ahead of others in terms of customer service. Additionally, you will be able to speak to how you were able to communicate with, serve and problem solve with people who have diverse capabilities and backgrounds.

5. PATH has a friendly, inclusive and dedicated staff family

volunteer5One of PATH’s past volunteers said it best when he wrote: “PATH creates a community and once you have been a part of a community like that, it becomes a part of you.” The team at PATH is more than just co-workers. Volunteers are positively encouraged to build real and impactful relationships with staff, other community partners and clients during their time at PATH. Through the combined dedication to the mutual goal of providing a vital service to the core of the Hamilton community, PATH has succeeded in creating an inclusive culture for all new staff and volunteers alike.

To find out how YOU can volunteer at PATH, please go to, call (905)528-6611 or visit 31 King Street East, Suite 100, Hamilton Ontario.

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